Co-Chair: Paula Riggs, MD, Professor and Director, Division of Substance Dependence, Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Co-Chair: Amanda (Mandy) Malone, BA, CACIII, State Opioid Treatment Authority, Controlled Substance Administrator, Office of Behavioral Health

The Treatment Work Group focuses on identifying gaps and needs in the provision of preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative substance use treatment programs in the State of Colorado and making clinical, organizational, and public policy improvements to these systems.

The Treatment Work Group’s goals for 2016-17 are to:

  • Encourage and support statewide expansion of school-based substance treatment;
  • Support expansion of medication assisted treatment (MAT) to include jails and telemedicine; and
  • Support the integration of behavioral health (to include substance abuse treatment) into the primary care/mainstream medical healthcare system.

The Treatment Work Group meets every other month (by remote conferencing). The current work group roster, most recent meeting minutes, and upcoming meeting schedule are available on the left-hand side of this page.

Please contact us at for more information on the Treatment Work Group or to volunteer to participate in the group’s activities.