This is a selection of recent media stories, reports, press releases, and other items that discuss the prescription drug abuse epidemic.


As overdose deaths rise, Colorado plans addiction-prevention efforts (9/13/17)

Colorado Heroin And Opioid Deaths Rise Even More Dramatically (9/12/17)

Boulder County dentists take a bite out of opioid prescriptions (8/30/17)

NPR interviews Gov. John Hickenlooper on the opioid crisis (8/9/17)

Resource: CDC U.S. Prescribing Rate Maps (7/31/17)

Colorado partnerships received funding for sharing health services (7/24/17)

Colorado’s Medicaid program is reducing opioid dosages to combat addiction and overdoses (7/24/17)

Report: Forging a Law Enforcement and Treatment Partnership

Opioids could kill nearly 500,000 Americans in the next decade (6/27/17)

Colorado attorney general, counterparts across U.S. to investigate drugmakers’ possible ties to opioid crisis (6/15/17)

Attorney General Working with Bipartisan Coalition to Address Opioid Crisis (6/15/17)

Colorado hospitals launch ambitious program to reduce opioid addiction (6/12/17)

Colorado Hospital Association Launches ER Opioid Safety Pilot (6/5/17)

Colorado Health Institute Report on Medication-Assisted Treatment (5/30/17)

State gives $1 million to fund new center at CU Anschutz to fight opioid epidemic (5/22/17)

Colorado to spend $1 million to continue fight against opioid abuse (5/18/17)

For one Colorado lawmaker, the state’s drug abuse problem is personal (4/30/17)

The opioid antidote: Naloxone has reversed hundreds of overdoses in Denver in the last year (4/28/17)

Press Release: Heroin in Colorado (4/6/17)

Report: Heroin in Colorado (4/3/17)

5280 Magazine Feature Article (4/2017)

Student’s Research in Methadone Clinics Connects Heroin, Opioids (2/3/17)

Colorado Software Engineer Connects Victims of Opioid Abuse through Maps (1/15/17)

Colorado’s opioid and heroin overdose deaths outnumbered homicides in 2015 (1/3/17)


New Methadone Program for Denver Probationers (12/9/16)

Heroin Deaths Surpass Gun Homicides (12/9/16)

Hooked on Prescription Opioids (12/9/16)

FDA Podcasts

How a Colorado Healthcare Provider is Battling the Opioid Epidemic with Non-Pill Pain Treatments (11/30/16) 

Access to Life-Saving Opioid Overdose Antidote Increasing, but Gaps Remain (10/13/16)

Attorney General Coffman Announces Initiative to Reverse a Deadly Trend by Getting Naloxone into Life Saving Hands (9/19/16)

Colorado Naloxone for Life Initiative (9/19/16)

Opioid Deaths on the Rise (9/14/16)

Congressman Tipton’s Address to the House of Representatives on the National Opioid Epidemic (5/12/16)

Rise Above Constellation Project (4/16)

New Prescription Drug Abuse Data Dashboard

Colorado Medical Society’s New Strategies to Achieve Safe Opioid Prescribing (2/2016)

President Obama Proposes $1.1 Billion in New Funding to Address Prescription Opioid Abuse & Heroin Use Epidemic (2/3/16)

Colorado’s Drug Death Rate Tops US Average (2/3/16)


Dr. Rob Valuck’s Testimony Before the US Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee (12/08/15)

HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper strategize on combatting substance abuse (07/16/15)

New Prescription Drug Abuse Data Dashboard

Colorado’s Plan for Improving Public Health & the Environment: 2015-2019 (see pages 17-18)

Association of Emergency Department Opioid Initiation with Recurrent Opioid Use (Annals of Emergency Medicine – May 2015)

Colorado Among States with Growing Heroin, Prescription Drug Abuse Problem – CPR Interview with Prof. Robert Valuck (01/28/2015)


A Father’s Story (09/3/14)

DEA Releases New Rules That Create Convenient But Safe and Secure Prescription Drug Disposal Options (09/08/14)

Schedules of Controlled Substances: Rescheduling of Hydrocodone Combination (08/15/14)

Confronting Inadvertent Stigma and Pejorative Language in Addiction Scholarship: A Recognition and Response (08/27/14)

Trends in Opioid Analgesic Abuse & Mortality in the United States (NEJM 01/15/14)