This is a selection of recent media stories, reports, press releases, and other items that discuss the prescription drug abuse epidemic. Please follow us on Twitter for regular updates.


Denver heroin users could use supervised injection site if proposal passes multiple hurdles (11/5/17)

Here’s how Colorado is combating the prescription opioid and heroin epidemic (11/5/17)

Colorado’s opioid epidemic explained in 10 graphics (11/5/17)

For Colorado’s opioid crisis, lawmakers endorse prescription limits and possibility of safe-injection sites (10/31/17)

The opioid crisis across the country (10/29/17)

The Heroin Fix: Addicts Saving Each Other With Narcan (10/27/17)

What does the opioid crisis look like in Colorado? (10/27/17)

Expired Prescriptions And Leftover Drugs Are The Low-Hanging Fruit Of Combating Abuse (10/27/17)

Arapahoe County holds town hall meeting to address opioid crisis (10/27/17)

CHI Analysis: The Opioid Epidemic Is Officially a National Public Health Emergency. What Does That Mean For Colorado? (10/25/17)

RX Task Force back with three-part series to address opioid epidemic (10/4/17)

Radical approach to overdose epidemic: Give safe place for drug users (9/25/17)

Attorney General joins investigation into opioid manufacturers and distributors (9/21/17)

Press release: AG Coffman announces expansion of the investigation into leading opioid manufacturers and distributors (9/19/17)

As overdose deaths rise, Colorado plans addiction-prevention efforts (9/13/17)

Colorado Heroin And Opioid Deaths Rise Even More Dramatically (9/12/17)

Boulder County dentists take a bite out of opioid prescriptions (8/30/17)

Southern Colorado sees opioid, heroin abuse increase (8/18/17)

Toddler deaths highlight “collateral damage” in opioid crisis (8/16/17)

Where people die from opioid overdoses in El Paso County (8/16/17)

NPR interviews Gov. John Hickenlooper on the opioid crisis (8/9/17)

Resource: CDC U.S. Prescribing Rate Maps (7/31/17)

Colorado partnerships received funding for sharing health services (7/24/17)

Colorado’s Medicaid program is reducing opioid dosages to combat addiction and overdoses (7/24/17)

Report: Forging a Law Enforcement and Treatment Partnership

Opioids could kill nearly 500,000 Americans in the next decade (6/27/17)

Colorado attorney general, counterparts across U.S. to investigate drugmakers’ possible ties to opioid crisis (6/15/17)

Attorney General Working with Bipartisan Coalition to Address Opioid Crisis (6/15/17)

Colorado hospitals launch ambitious program to reduce opioid addiction (6/12/17)

Colorado Hospital Association Launches ER Opioid Safety Pilot (6/5/17)

Colorado Health Institute Report on Medication-Assisted Treatment (5/30/17)

State gives $1 million to fund new center at CU Anschutz to fight opioid epidemic (5/22/17)

Colorado to spend $1 million to continue fight against opioid abuse (5/18/17)

For one Colorado lawmaker, the state’s drug abuse problem is personal (4/30/17)

The opioid antidote: Naloxone has reversed hundreds of overdoses in Denver in the last year (4/28/17)

Press Release: Heroin in Colorado (4/6/17)

Report: Heroin in Colorado (4/3/17)

5280 Magazine Feature Article (4/2017)

Community Health Partnership Awarded $111,897 Grant to Combat Opioid Misuse and Abuse in El Paso County (2/21/17)

Student’s Research in Methadone Clinics Connects Heroin, Opioids (2/3/17)

Colorado Software Engineer Connects Victims of Opioid Abuse through Maps (1/15/17)

Colorado’s opioid and heroin overdose deaths outnumbered homicides in 2015 (1/3/17)


New Methadone Program for Denver Probationers (12/9/16)

Heroin Deaths Surpass Gun Homicides (12/9/16)

Hooked on Prescription Opioids (12/9/16)

FDA Podcasts

How a Colorado Healthcare Provider is Battling the Opioid Epidemic with Non-Pill Pain Treatments (11/30/16) 

Access to Life-Saving Opioid Overdose Antidote Increasing, but Gaps Remain (10/13/16)

Attorney General Coffman Announces Initiative to Reverse a Deadly Trend by Getting Naloxone into Life Saving Hands (9/19/16)

Colorado Naloxone for Life Initiative (9/19/16)

Opioid Deaths on the Rise (9/14/16)

Congressman Tipton’s Address to the House of Representatives on the National Opioid Epidemic (5/12/16)

Rise Above Constellation Project (4/16)

New Prescription Drug Abuse Data Dashboard

Colorado Medical Society’s New Strategies to Achieve Safe Opioid Prescribing (2/2016)

President Obama Proposes $1.1 Billion in New Funding to Address Prescription Opioid Abuse & Heroin Use Epidemic (2/3/16)

Colorado’s Drug Death Rate Tops US Average (2/3/16)


Dr. Rob Valuck’s Testimony Before the US Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee (12/08/15)

HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper strategize on combatting substance abuse (07/16/15)

New Prescription Drug Abuse Data Dashboard

Colorado’s Plan for Improving Public Health & the Environment: 2015-2019 (see pages 17-18)

Association of Emergency Department Opioid Initiation with Recurrent Opioid Use (Annals of Emergency Medicine – May 2015)

Colorado Among States with Growing Heroin, Prescription Drug Abuse Problem – CPR Interview with Prof. Robert Valuck (01/28/2015)


A Father’s Story (09/3/14)

DEA Releases New Rules That Create Convenient But Safe and Secure Prescription Drug Disposal Options (09/08/14)

Schedules of Controlled Substances: Rescheduling of Hydrocodone Combination (08/15/14)

Confronting Inadvertent Stigma and Pejorative Language in Addiction Scholarship: A Recognition and Response (08/27/14)

Trends in Opioid Analgesic Abuse & Mortality in the United States (NEJM 01/15/14)